The Caatinga

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Brazil 2849

     The Caatinga (“white vegetation”) is a semi-arid area of 700,000 km2 in northeastern Brazil. It has a rich diversity of plants and animals. Its ecology is very fragile and is threatened by uncontrolled hunting, and other human actions that are leading to desertification. The sheet was issued by Brazil in 2002 to call attention to the problem. In addition to the map showing the location of the Caatinga, the sheet has two species unique to the area, the White-browed Guan, and the Penelope Jacucaca.

SCN 2849

Brazil 746

     The stamp issued by Brazil in 1953 celebrates the founding of Jaú in 1853. The name comes from the Tupi language. Jaú is located 22°17’47”S 48°33’28”W in the state of São Paulo, and has a population of around one million people. It specializes in the manufacture of women’s leather footwear.

SCN 746

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