Asemonov Gospel

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Macedonia 319

     The Asemanov Gospel, named for Josif Asemanija who discovered it in Jerusalem in 1736, is commemorated on this stamp issued in 2004. One of the most beautiful and most valuable old Slavonic manuscripts, it is preserved in the Vatican Library in Rome. It is written in the Glagolitic alphabet, the oldest Slav alphabet.

The inscriptions in are in the Cyrillic alphabet:
   Veritical on the left: РЕПЧЂЛИКА МАКЕДОНИА = Republic of Macedonia
   Upper left: ПОШТА = Posta
   Upper right: 10 ВЕКА АСЕМАНОВО ЕВАНГЕЛИЕ = 10th Century (?) Asemanov Gospel
   Bottom right: СКЕНПОИНТ = SCENPOINT (the printer ?)
   12 = 12 Denars

SCN 319

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