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The Golden Book of the Pfäfers (Codex Aureus)

     The Codex Aureus was created in the 11th century for use in the Pfäfers Abbey, a Benedictine monastery at Pfäfers in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It contains the Gospel readings for the high feasts of the church year. The use of gold, and the imperial purple for the background reflect the importance and value of the codex. The readings are grouped by Gospel, with a portrait of the evangelist. In addition to the Gospels, a number of legal texts were bound in the book. The Codex is preserved in the Stiftsarchiv of St. Gallen. The stamps were issued for Christmas 1987.
     Each portrait shows the evangelist, the evangelist's symbol, and the tools of the scribe, pen and scraper (for erasing).

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