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     These are tourist maps with an invitation, in French, to visit Afghanistan. Rivers and towns are indicated, but the identifications are unclear. On the first map the red circle marks the location of Kabul, the capital. The dark print to the West of Kabul is Herat, where Alexander the Great built a great fortress.

     On the second stamp the red print (North) indicates Badakhshan and (South) Wakhan. Badakhshan was once part of the ancient Greek kingdom of Bactria. In 1859 it became a part of Afghanistan. The Wakhan Corridor is a long narrow panhandle that passes between Tajikistan in the north and Pakistan in the south linking Afghanistan with the Xinjiang region in China. Near Kabul there is a tower identified in small print as Ghazni. There are two towers 43 meters high which are a part of the 13th century citadel of Ghazni.

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