Borders and Wars

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     Issued in 1896 the stamps are entitled Apoteosis de Miranda, which means "The Deification of Miranda." The Miranda in question is Sebastián Francisco de Miranda y Rodríguez, a Venezuelan who led Spanish soldier aiding the Americans in the Revolutionary War. and supported Venezuela's claims in the Guianas.

SCN 138

     In 1899 the United States Venezuelan Boundary Commission fixed the boundary to include most of the territory up to the "Expanded Schomburgh" line claimed by Great Britain, but disallowed her claims to most of the coastal territory she claimed. The purpose of the issue was to bring the new United States to the side of the Venezuelans against the American's former enemy, Great Britain.
     In an article in Philatelic Gossip Charles Sidney Thompson provided an enlarged image of the stamp with the boundaries identified in English to clarify the various lines on the stamp. The "x" line is the decision of the Commission.