The Hague ~ 1570

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     The Hague was founded in 1248 by Count William II of Holland. "Des Graven Hage" literally means "the count's hedge," or metaphorically "the count's private enclosure." As a neutral town it became the administrative center for the cities of Holland. The French designated it as a city in 1806.
      In 1988 a set of three stamps was issued which had a map of a portion of the town of 's-Gravenhage as a part of the design. The date of the map was given as 1270 which is an error. The proper date is 1570.

SCN B635-B637

     The map is based on a lithographic copy from 1916-23 issue by Martinus Nihjoff of Jacob Van Deventer's map of about 1560. Thanks to Mark Honig for this information.

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