History of England

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     Designed in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry this set of stamps outlines the history of England and Normandy over a period of three centuries

SCN 431          SCN 432

  911: Charles the Simple of France creates Rollo the Viking Duke of Normandy:
  933: Raoul of France cedes Contentin & Jersey to Rollo’s son William Longsword. 1030: Duke Robert the Devil & Edward the Confessor blown by storm to Jersey: 1042: Edwards succeeds Harthacnut of Denmark as King of England.

SCN 433          SCN 434

1066: Duke William the Conqueror crowned King, uniting England with Normandy: 1087: At his death, Robert Curthose inherits Normandy, & William II, England.
1100: On William Rufus’ death Henry is King, but Robert holds Normandy:
1106: Henry defeats Duke Robert at Tinchebrai, reuniting England & Normandy.

SCN 435          SCN 636

     1135: Stephen King: Henry’s daughter, Matilda & husband Geoffrey lay claim from Anjou:
1139: Matilda in England: Named Queen
1141, But returns to Geoffrey in Normandy.
1151: Henry becomes Duke on Geoffrey’s death & King when John loses mainland Normandy but asserts ducal rights in Jersey in 1213.