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Tajikisan 150

     In 2000 Tajikistan celebrated the 1100th anniversary of the Samani dynasty. Saman-Khoda, the founder of the dynasty and the father of Ismail Samani I (892-907) who extended the Samanid territory into Tajikistan is pictured on the souvenir sheet issued to commemorate the anniversary.
     The map of Tajikistan shows the province of Leninobad (North West) in pink, Khalton in white (South West), Muklatori in lavender (South East). The blue area is governed from the capital, Dushanbe, which is located behind the head of Ismail Samani.

     The three-colored background are the colors of the state flag.
     The president of Tajikistan, Emomali Rakhmanov, is also pictured on the sheet. He is a non-Moslem who has associated himself with Ismail I to gain the support of Sunni Moslems.