The National Campaign ~ 1856-1957

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     The “National Campaign” was the effort by many South Americans to overthrow William Walker of Tennessee, who was a filibuster, a private individual who engaged in unauthorized warfare against a foreign country, in this case Central American countries. The map identifies Costa Rica the Teatro de la guerre. The final battle took place in 1857 in the town of Rivas, Costa Rica.
     Juan Rafael Mora was the president of Costa Rica from 1849 to 1859. In 1856 he led his country’s forces against Walker.
     Juan Santamaría set fire to the Mesón de Guerra at Rivas forcing Walker and his cronies outside.
     General José María Cañas was Mora’s brother-in-law and the commander of the forces fighting Walker.
     Casa de Santa Rosa was the hacienda in Guanacaste province where Walker’s forces were hiding before the final battle at Rivas.
     Luis Malina was the Costa Rican Ambassador to Washington.
     Joaquin Bernardo Calvo was the Chancellor of Costa Rica.

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