The Masks of Terence

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     The minisheet issued by the Vatican in 1997 commemorates a “Looking at the Classics” Museum Exhibition. The design features a miniature from codex C of the Comedies of Terence, the adicula holding the masks from the comedy Andréa (166 b.c.) by Terence (185 to 159 b.c.). Two manuscripts in the Papal Vatican Library, Lat. 3226, 4-5th centuries, and Lat. 3868, 9th century, have the text of the comedies, and the latter also has miniatures that show how the play was supposed to be enacted . Among the miniatures is the adicula which shows the masks for Andria (folio 3, illustration 7).
     The cast for this play includes: Simo Senex, Sosia Libertus, Davos Servos, Mysis Ancilla, Pamphilus Adulescens, Charinus Adulescenes, Byrria Servos, Lesbia Obstetrix, Glycerium Virgo, Chemes Senex, Crito Senes and Dromo Lorarius. I have not been able to identify which mask belongs to which character.