Basutoland ~ Lesotho

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     The stamp was issued in 1983 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of missionaries of the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society. A French Huguenot, Eugène Casalis arrived in Basutoland in 1833. He became friend and advisor to King Moshoeshoe I, and in spite of his homesickness was an effective missionary. He drew the map in 1834.

SCN 411

     The stamp was issued in 1976 as part of a set of 10 stamps showing scenes from Lesotho. The map of Lesotho shows the ten administrative districts and their capitals, the rivers, and what appears to be a highway from Masaru, the capital, on the western border to Thaba-tseka, in the middle of the country. The picture in the upper right corner is of King Moshoeshoe II.

SCN 201