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     In 1959 Guatemala issued a stamp to publicize the Guatemalan National Hospitals Fund. The map shows the locations of proposed hospital and the relationships between small rural hospitals and the larger urban medical centers.
     The absence of a boundary between Guatemala and British Honduras also expressed Guatemala’s position on the dispute between Guatemala and Great Britain over the territory claimed by Great Britain as British Honduras. The dispute with Guatemala was settled in 1992.
     In 1964 Great Britain granted British Honduras independence, but continued to protect the new country from the Guatemalans. In 1973 British Honduras was renamed Belize.
     The origin of the name, Belize not altogether clear. Two possible explanations are, first, that “Baylize” is based on the Spanish pronunciation of “Wallace,” the name of a pirate who settled a settlement in the area of what is now Belize in 1638, and second, that it is based on the Mayan word belix, meaning “muddy water,” for the Belize River.

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