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     From 1879 to 1920 Fiume (now Rijeka) was under Hungarian control. It was Hungary's only seaport. The rehabilitation of Hungary was the result of the activity of Gabor Baross (1848-1892), Hungary's Finance Minister at the time.
     The souvenir sheet issued by Hungary in 1988 shows, among other things, two maps of the port of Fiume. The following information was provided to "The Carto-Philatelist Society" in 1989 by Dieter Hertling. The two maps were drawn in 1882, author unknown. The plan of the Iron Gate Channel at the right on the souvenir sheet is 15 X 9 cm and at the scale of 1:50,000. The plan is reduced 1:5 on the sheet.  The plan of the seaport of Fiume on the left side is a plan of the harbor of Fiume at a scale of 1:2,880. The reduction for the sheet is 1:25-26. Both plans were drawn before Baross was Minister of Transportation (1886-1889) and are preserved in the Hungarian State Archives in Budapest.

The Carto-Philatelist 34(1989), pp. 40, 76-78.

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