Ecuador-Peru Border

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     The northwest border between Ecuador and Peru has been a source of dispute and conflict since 1938. In 1942 the Protocol of Rio de Janeiro was signed. However, the language describing the border was inaccurate and led to further conflict. In 1995 the two countries fought over the 78 mile Cordillera del Condor between the Cenep and Zamora rivers. The stamp shows the disputed border from the perspective of Peur and claims "These lands and these rivers have been and are Peurvian." In 1998 Peru and Ecuador signed a peace accord.
     According to the accord the border will follow the heights of the Cordillera del Condor mountain range. A hill within Peru's territory called Tiwintza will be granted to Ecuador's government as private property, though it will remain under Peruvian sovereignty. And the agreement also calls for two contiguous national parks to be created in the disputed area.

SCN C175