Bartolomeo Dias

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      In 1487 Bartholomeus Dias encountered a ferocious storm off the West coast of Africa., which drove them out to sea and away from the coast. When the storm had passed they continued to sail east and after several days turned North. They landed at the mouth of the Gouritz River on the east coast of Africa. Dias and his crew were the first Europeans on record to round the tip of Africa.

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   It is generally believed that Dias named the place of the storm, "Cabo Tormentosa" (Cape of Storms). The name was later changed to "Cape of Good Hope." Ten years later Vasco da Gama opened the trade route around Africa to India and the east.
     Dias named the fresh water spring at Mossel Bay "Aquada de São Bras" (watering place of St Blaize) by Dias because he located the spring on the St. Blaise' festival day (February 3 (new calendar). The location Cape São Bras is marked on the map with a cross.

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