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     Around 1500 Johannes Stabius (Stab) of Vienna, created a heart-shaped map projection. The projection was further developed and promoted by Johannes Werner, a parish priest in Nuremberg, in a book, Nova translatio primi libri geographiaae C. Ptolemaei, 1514. It is, by definition, a pseudoconic equal area map. A cordiform map by Peter Apianus was bound in the edition of Solinus' Polyhistor given at Vienna by Johann Kamers [Camertius] in 1520, and in  Pomponius Mela's De Situ Orbis printed at Basle in 1522.

     In 1972 Venezuela issued a stamp with a map on a cordiform projection with the slogan "En El Corazon Late La Salud," "Your heart is your health," to commemorate World Health Day.

 SCN 995

     In 1991 the United States issued a stamp in the series of "Love" stamps which showed the world in the shape of a heart. The map is not, strictly speaking, a cordiform projection, but rather the artist's creative design.

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