William Pless ~ 1817

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     The map on this stamp issued by Jersey in 1978 was "adapted from a document with a dedicatory statement asserting that "This map of the island of Jersey was by permission respectfully Inscribed by Wm. Pless ... To His Excellency Major Hugh Mackay Gordon, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief ... Jan. 1817." (Walter Klinefelter, "The Map form Pless Account of Jersey 1817," The Carto-Philatelist, vol. 25, no. 2. p. 11.)
     Most of the detail on the original map has been omitted, while "Jersey Shipbuilding Yards" and the ship to the right of the island were added."
     Hugh Mackay Gordon began his career in 1775 as a volunteer in America and rose to the rank of Major General in 1811. He became Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey in March 1816.
    In the lower left corner of the stamp are the arms of Jersey, gules three lions passant guardant.

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