Watermark on Cyprus Stamp

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Cyprus 213

     I came across this paragraph in an issue of The Carto-Philatelist from 1963:

    “While examining an old Scott’s Monthly Journal for November, 1962, I found a picture of what I believe is the first map watermark. It appears on the current Cyprus series issued September 17, 1962, and has a clear map of Cyprus together with the initials KC and KD, the “D” being the Greek delta, a triangle.” Harold B. Howard
     I ordered a series of 11 stamps (206-216) and they do in fact have map watermarks! Of course, the question is," How do you preserve the image of the watermark?” For the web page that is relatively simple. You scan it and use the scan. So...here it is.

Cyprus 206

     The island of Cyprus is quite clear near the center of the stamp (left as you view it, and reversed because we are viewing the watermark from the back). The initials are also fairly clear (also in reverse).