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Montevideo ~ 1724

     Colonia was founded in 1680 by the Portuguese on an estuary of the Rio de la Plata across the river from Buenos Aires. Spain responded by building its own citadel at Montevideo in 1724. The stamp commemorates the 250th anniversary of the fortification. It was issued for the 1974 URUEXPO Philatelic Exhibition. The design is based on Domingo Petrarca's Planta de la Ensenada de Mont Vidio, 1724.

SCN 891

Montevidio ~ 1748

     In 1726 Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, governor of Buenos Aires, founded Montevidio with 13 families from the Canary Islands. The 250th anniversary of the founding was commemorated in 1976 with a set of five stamps, one of which is a map of the town with its fortress. The map, Monte-Vidio 1748, is anonymous. It was reproduced in Martinez' Cartografía Histórica de la República Argentina, Buenos Aires, 1893.

SCN 971