Free Territory of Trieste

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     Following World War II the city of Trieste and surrounding territory was administered by the British and Americans as the "Free Territory of Trieste. The London Memorandum of 1954 placed Zone A under Italian administration and Zone B under Yugoslav civil administration, divided between the republics of Slovenia and Croatia. In 1975 the Treaty of Osimo was signed, definitively dividing the former Free Territory of Trieste between Italy and Yugoslavia. In 1992 Slovenia as the legal successor to Yugoslavia took over the Treaty obligations. The stamp issued in 2004 by Slovenia commemorates the 50th anniversary of the London Memorandum.
     On the map Trieste and its territory is colored black and is identified as “Cona, A,” while “Cona B”, shaded with hatching, is the area governed by Yugoslavia, and now by Slovenia. Several towns are also identified: Gorica and Trst (Trieste) are Italian); Tržič,  Piran and Koper, Slovenian; and N. Grad, Buje, Miije, Poreč, Rovinj, and Rijeka, Croatian. "Jadransko Morje" is Yugoslavian for the Adriatic Sea.
     Milje is a Slovenian name for the Italian town of Muggia, while Tržič is actually the Italian town of Monfalcone. Slovenian Tržič is on the northern border of Slovenia, way off the map.

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