The Treaty of London ~ 1839

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     Stamps with the same design issued in 1989 celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of London. The stamps were issued by Belgium (1327) and the Netherlands (750). The Treaty recognized the independence of Belgium, required Belgium to remain perpetually neutral, and committed the signatory powers to protect that neutrality. It also guaranteed Belgium the right of transit by rail or canal over Dutch territory. And, finally, it divided the Province of Limburg in two. The eastern part remained a part of the Netherlands, while the western part was given to Belgium.
     The design on the stamp shows the territory of the Netherlands from the southern IJsselmeer to northern Belgium. The territory of Limburg west of the Maas River is colored a light orange and belongs to Belgium, while the territory north of the Netherlands-Belgium border and east of the Maas is a darker orange and belongs to the Netherlands.

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