From the Varangians to the Greeks

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Ukraine 524

     In 2003 Estonia (465) and the Ukraine (524) commemorated "The Route from the Varangians to the Greeks," first mentioned in Provest Vremennykh let ("The Primary Chronicle," ca. 1113) with a joint issue including two stamps and a label featuring a map of "The Route."
     This was the trade route beginning in Sweden, passing through the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, then through the rivers and lakes of eastern Europe to the Black Sea and finally to Byzantium (Constantinople/Istanbul).
     The upper stamp represents the area of departure and includes a gold coin of the Danish King Svend Estridsen (1047-1075), and an English miniature, "Landing of the Scandinavian Seamen" from the 12th century. The lower stamp includes a view of Constantinople, a silver coin of Grand Prince Voldymyr of Rus Sviatioslvovych (Ukraine) (980-1025), and "Slavs in a War Galley."