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     Tanera Mr (Scottish Gaelic: Tannera Mr) is an inhabited island in Loch Broom in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It is the largest of the Summer Islands and the only inhabited island in that group. Tanera Mr is notable for issuing its own postage stamps.
     The four stamps, issued in 2008 by the Summer Isles Post Office, are based on the design of Saki Satom. She used a map found in the Coigach Community Hall in Achiltibuie, which carries the Gaelic place names translated from the English in the mid-twentieth century. The designs on the four stamps are: 15sg Acairseid Driseach and the Lochs, 27sg Aird na Goine and the Post Office, 55sg Mol Mr and the  Lazy Beds, 1PS Tigh an Quay and Garadheancal. When the four stamps are assembled they display an artist's view of the island of Tanera Mr.

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