Runic Inscriptions

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Contemporary Runes

     On a stamp commemorating the thousandth anniversary of the founding of the Althing or parliament of Iceland issued in 1930 a runic inscription over the picture of the parliament building reads MED LOGUM SKAL LAND BIGGA, "With the law shall the land be built."

SCN 152

     The inscription on the stamp below above the picture is LOGSOGUMATHAR A ALTHING, "Law Speaker at the Althing."

SCN 162

     The inscription on the emblem of the  Frontier Guardsmen, a unit of Norwegian Nazi volunteers, in runic-like characters is "Front Kjemper." The stamp was issued by the Quisling puppet government with a surcharge to aid the Guardsmen.


SCN 1350a     The booklet pane shows the Scandinavian gods: Fröja or Freja, the wife of Odin; Heimdall, the rainbow god; Thor the god of  thunder, Frö or Fre, the goddess of peace,  fertility, and weather; and Odin, the "all  father." Their names appear on he stamps in runic letters.

     The booklet cover has a set of runic letters  and their latin equivalents and a medallion  inscribed with runic letters on the front. On  the inside and back of the booklet the  various gods are identified.




SCN 62