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Founding of Buzău ~ 376 a.d.

     In 1976 Romania issued a stamp to commemorate the the Gothic city of Buzău, first mentioned in 372 A.D. The map is a Ptolomaic map of the area. Among the placed named on the map is Pietroasele, the Gothic village of “Pietroasa,” in the county of Buzau, which sits at the base of Istrita hill, a 754-metre-high, dome-shaped peak on the great Wallachian plain. The statue is a “Dacian wolf with wild boar fangs” discovered in the Fortress at the Cârlomanesti-Niscov archaeological site (45.23°E 26.68°N). To help orient the map note that Bucharesti, “Bucharest,” is located about an inch from the bottom of the stamp on the left side.

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