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Peru C147

     Peru issued this airmail stamp in 1958 to commemorate the Peruvian exhibition at Paris V, May 20 to July 10, 1958. The outline map on the stamp has 11 small drawings of various kinds of work, oil production, logging, gathering latex, and so on.
     On a margin around the stamp national products are listed alphabetically. Antimonio, Azucar, Barbasco, Bismuto, Café, Carbon, Caucho, Cobre, Cueros, Estano, Frutas, Guano, Hierro, Lanas, Maderas, Manganeso, Molibdeno, Oro, Pescado, Pieles, Plomo, Quina, Tungsteno, Uranio, Vanadio, Zing (Antinomy, Azucar, Barbasco, Bismuth, Coffee, Coal, Rubber, Copper, Leather, Estano, Fruit, Guano, Iron, Wood, Manganese, Molibdenum, Gold, Fish, Skins, Lead, Peruvian bark [Quinine], Tungsten, Uranium, Vanadium, Zinc). I could not translate the products printed in brown.

SCN C147