Pan-American Conference

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Colombia 560

     To recognize the Ninth Pan-American Conference held in Bogota in 1948, Colombia issued two minisheets. The one issued for surface mail has a map of North and Central America and the coat of arms of the city of Bogota, whch has a crowned eagle in the center with a border of pomagranite flowers.

Columbia 560

Colombia C150

    The airmail stamp has a map of South America with the coat of arms of Colombia. The coat of arms has an Adean Condor holding a crown of olive leaves. On the shield the top third has a pomagranite flanked by two cornucopia, one with coins, the other with tropical fruit. The middle third features a Phrygian cap, the symbol of freedom. And the bottom third pictures the Isthmus of Panama with ships. The national motto, Libertad y Orden, and spears and flags complete the coat of arms.

Columbia C150