Olaus Magnus

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     The stamp below shows 16th century blood money coins superimposed on a portion of the Carta Marina around Uppsala.

SCN 754

     "...the original (in the library of the University of Uppsala) was so large that only Lafreri's reduced copperplate version, produced in Rome in 1572, was distributed to any extent.

SNC 1861

     As a commentary to his map, Olaus Magnus wrote an book about Scandinavia, dealing with the history, geography, and natural history of the area, Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus. The sea serpent is one of the many illustrations in that book.

SCN 491

     When his brother, Johannes, died Olaus was appointed to succeed him as Archbishop of Uppsala, though he never returned to Sweden because of the Reformation. Olaus died in Rome in 1557. 

Computer facsimile of map:  http://bell.lib.umn.edu/map/OLAUS/indexo.html
Computer facsimile of book: http://www.ub.uit.no/northernlights/eng/omagnus.htm.
For further information about Olaus Magnus see: Carol Urness, "Olaus Magnus: His Map and His Book," Mercator's World, 6:1(2001)26-33.

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