Mexican Printing ~ 16th Century

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     In 1939 a set of three stamps commemorating the 400th anniversary of printing in Mexico issued by Mexico featured the earliest materials printed in the New World. The low value shows the first engraving made in Mexico, "Our Lady gives the Scapulary to St. Idelfons," printed in 1544.


     In 1563 the Mexican edition of Cedulario de Purga, believed to be the first law book published in America, was printed. The middle value of the set features that publication.


     The high value features the oldest printed document in Mexico, and, in fact, in the New World, Breve y enjundiosa doctrina Christiana en lingua Mexican y castellana, a catechism written by Juan Zamarraga (1468-1548), the Bishop of Mexico City, and printed on the first printing press in the New World, shipped to Mexico City by Juan Cromberger of Seville in 1539.