Manesse Manuscript

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     In 1984 Paraguay issued a mini-sheet of 5 stamps and 4 labels featuring images from the Manesse manuscript.

SCN 2117

      The stamps are in a cross-shaped arrangement and have an image of Werner von Tüfen, a Swiss, who is mentioned in documents in 1219 and 1223. The woman is not identified.

     The labels are in the four corners of the mini-sheet. In the upper left-hand corner is Reinmar der Fiedler. He is pictured playing his fiddle.

SCN 2117a

    In the upper right corner is Frederick von Hausen, documented between 1171 and 1188, who came from the Rhine area.

    Kristan von Luppin appears in the lower left corner. A document from between 1292 and 1313 mentions him. He is identified as ein Thüring, a Thuringian.

SCN 2117g

     Heinrich von Rugge is featured in the lower right corner. He is mentioned in a document issued between 1175 and 1178. His castle was on the Ruckberg in northern Württemberg.

SCN 2117i