The Rambam

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Israel 1604

     Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides), also known as The Rambam, was born in Cordova, Spain on Erev Pesach 1135 (the stamp says 1138). The family left Spain to escape persecution by the Moslems, and setteled in Fez, Morocco, where they lived until 1165. They sailed for Israel and landed at Acco, and Maimonides arrived in Jerusalem in November 1165.
     The land of Israel was under Christian rule and there were only about 1,000 Jewish families in the country. In 1166 Maimonides left for Egypt and settled in the city of Fostat, where he lived until he died in 1204. He was buried at Teverya (Tiberias) on Lake Tiberias in Israel.
     The stamp issued by Israel in 2005 celebrates the 800th anniversary of the death of Maimonides. On the map there are 5 stars, one for each of the places The Rambam lived, and the final one for Jerusalem. The wings at the top of the stamp recall Maimonides’ nickname, Hanesher Hagadol, the Great Eagle. The first line of Hebrew lettering, HRMB´´M, “The RAMBAM.” The second line, RB’ MSHH BN MYMWN, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon.

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