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     Mindaugas was the first and only king of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He was crowned on July 6, 1253, probably at Latava manor, 9 km from the Šeimyniškėliai hill-fort. He was assassinated ten years later because of his intrigues and brutality.
     The souvenir sheet, issued to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the coronation of Mindaugas, has a map of the territory of Lithuania showing the rivers and streams of the country. The source of the map is not indicated.

SCN 749

Zismantas Vasa ~ 1566-1632

     Sigismun III Vasa, the son of John III Vasa of Sweden and Katarzyna Jagiellonka of Poland, became king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1587-1632. He was the grandson of Gustavus Vasa of Sweden. In 1592 he also became King of Sweden. He was deposed in 1600.
     The stamp issued in 2002 commemorates Sigismund's establishment of the postal system in Lithuania and Poland. The identity of the map is not indicated and though it appears to be an old map it is too small to be sure. A portrait of Sigismund also appears as a design element.

SCN 730