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 The Troll Offshore Gasfield

     The Troll gas field came onstream in 1996 and is by far Norway’s biggest. It is located on the Bergen high, east of Oseberg and just 50 km from the coast.
     The giant Troll platform, resting on the seabed at 330m depth, is the largest man-made structure ever built. On the stamp the Troll platform is compared to the height of the Eiffel Tower. The platform is 472 meters high to the top of the crane. The Eiffel tower is 300 meters high.

SCN 1124

     The map on this stamp shows gas pipelines to the mainland of Europe. Both maps on the stamps are oriented with east at the top. The projection above the pipelines is the country of Denmark.

SCN 1125

     The maps on both stamps are oriented with east at the top.The map below shows the location of the Troll field as well as the pipelines to Norway, Great Britain and Europe.