Kiev ~ 10th Century

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     The souvenir sheet shows a plan of medieval Kiev with the Metropolitan Church of St. Sophia on the right, partially obscured by Ilarion’s sleeve. Yaroslav the Wise (d. 1054) stands on the left, with the Ruska Pravda holding the most important collection of old Ukrainian-Rus laws. Ilarion, Metropolitan from 1051 to 1054, stands on the right holding the codified laws governing church life. Their names are in red letters beside each of them.
     The inscription between the two men at the bottom of the sheet reads: “Kyiv in X-XI th centuries, City of Jaroslav.” The text in the border surrounding the sheet is taken from the Povist Vremenikh Lit, the chronicle of the period. It reads, “Yaroslav built the great citadel of Kyiv, near which stands the Golden Gate. He also founded the Metropolitan Church of St. Sophia, the Church of the Annunciation over the Golden Gate...he assembled many scribes who translated [books] from Greek into Slavic.”

SCN 346