Cunieform Inscription

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     The stamp issued by Armenia in 1992 is described in the Scott catalog as “Runic message. VII B.C., Karmir-blur." The Armenia postal web page describes it as "Cunieform Inscription, VII B.C., Karmir-blour."

SCN 437

    Karmir-blour (Red Hill), a fortified settlement of the 4th century B.C. which has been called Yerevan (Erevan) since the 7th century B.C. was excavated in 1939. Many artifacts were uncovered including writings in both Uratu hieroglyphics and Assyrian cunieform. The inscription on the stamp was found in Yerevan at the excavation of a Urartian site, the city of Teishebainy (VII B.C., and the first half VI B.C.), and kept in the State History Museum of Armenia.