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     In 1930 Iceland issued a set of 15 stamps to  celebrate the millenary of the Al■ingi (Althing,) the oldest parliament in the world. It was an assembly of the country's leaders, called go­ar, who met to make laws and dispense justice which convened on the Thursday of the 10th week of summer, about the middle of June. All free men could attend, and the occasion of its meeting was a major social and cultural event.
     The Lawspeaker (l÷gs÷guma­ur) would recite aloud the Icelandic law, one third of the laws each year, and he also proclaimed the procedural law every year. Legal disputes were also heard at the Althing, and within the boundaries of the Althing everyone was entitled to sanctuary.
     The design on the 1 Krona value is an outline map of Iceland.

SCN 163

     The small circle on the left side of the map seems to represent Reykjavik, the capitol of Iceland. Ůhingvellir (Thingvellir,) the location of the Althing, is about 25 miles north-east of Reykjavik. The circle on the right marks the location of Djupivogr (The Carto-Philatelist, 38(1993)114).