Johann Jacob Heber

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     The map, Preliminary Draft of the Present Principality of Liechtenstein or The Former Count of Vaduz and the Free Lordship of Schellenberg, was drawn in 1721 by J. J. Heber (1666-1727) an engineer (surveyor) and geometrician of the city of Lindau. The courses of the principal roads and streams reflect the accuracy of Hebers surveys. Elevations are indicated by gradations of color. The long dimension of Liechtenstein runs north-south rather than east-west as on the stamp; the compass rose which has the Latin names for the four directions is off by approximately 55
     The map was drawn two years after the establishment of the principality, probably commissioned by Anton Florian who was instrumental in uniting the Lordship of Schellenberg and the county of Vaduz, which had been purchased by Prince Johann Adam Andreas of the house of Liechtenstein in 1699 and 1712 respectively.

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     After being lost for many years the map was discovered by Prince Johann II who ruled from 1858 until 1929. The map is now in Vaduz Castle.

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