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     One of the shortest-lived countries is the Republic of Hatay out of the Sanjak (Province) of Alexandretta. At the bottom of the map the date 2 EYLüL 1938 is Turkish for 2 September 1938, the date of the creation of the Republic of Hatay. It lasted until June 23, 1939, when, with the addition of the Hassa district of Gaziantep and the Dörtyol district of Adana, it became a provice of Turkey . During its existence it issued three map stamps with the same design. 
     The map shows the boundary of Hatay as a dotted line on the south and east, rivers, including the Orotontes River which flows into the Mediterranean Sea on the first curve from the bottom, railroads and highways, the lake, Amik Gölü, and several cities marked by dots, including Iksanderum (Alesandretta) on the coast where it tends to the southwest, and Antakya (Antioch) on the Orontes River a little southeast of the bulge in the coastline.
     Hatay (Hatti) is the name of the old Hittite empire in Asia Minor.

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