Commission de Cooperation Technique

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     In 1960 Cameroun (335), Central Africa (3), Chad (66), Peoples Republic of Congo (39), Gabon (150, Ivory Coast (180), Madagascar (317), Niger (104) and Upper Volta (89) issued a map stamp with a common design to recognize the 12th anniversary of the Commission de Cooperation Technique en Afrique au Sud du Sahara, “The Commission of Technical Cooperation in Africa South of the Sahara.” This commission was mostly related to health and education issues, and was absorbed into the World Health Organization (I don’t know when.)

SCN 150

     The design includes an outline map of Africa and Madagascar framed by a toothed wheel, with the northern tier of countries in white, and the rest of the continent, a dark blue; a legend over the map, “150-1960 Tananarive XVe Session”;  a sun above the map; four smaller toothed wheels, each held in a hand, with a single letter of the abbreviation for the Commission, “C C T A,”; the name of the Commission, Commission de Cooperation Technique en Afrique au Sud du Sahara; and the legend, “Xeme  Anniversaire.”

The Scott catalog says the stamp was issued perforated 13. However, a note in the catalog says, “Most Gabon stamps from 1959 onward exist imperforate in issued and trial colors, and also in small presentation sheets in issued colors.” (Scott Catalog, vol. 3, p. 2).


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