Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia

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     This Yugoslav semi-postal stamp was issued in 1939 and released in 1940. The surtax was for the benefit of postal employees in Zagreb. The map of Yugoslavia depicts the eight provinces of the Yugoslav Federation at that time, Dravska, Hrvatsak, Vrbaska, Drinska, Dunavska, Heravska, Zetsca, and Vardarska, the southernmost province crossed by the Vardar River.

SCN B111

     In 1944 Marshall Tito renamed the Vardarska province, the Socialist Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It was provisionally admitted to the united Nations under this name, as a separate counter, in 1993. The name is disputed by Greece. Greece refers to it as The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or FYROM.
     The map below shows the relationship between the Republic of Macedonia (red), and the Greek province of Macedonia (purple).