Montalboddo Fracanzano

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    This woodcut map occupies the title-page of a rare collection of voyages: Itinerarium portugallensium e Lusitania in Indiam et Inde in Occidentem et demum ad Aquilonem, latine versum ab Archangelo Madrignano. Mediolani. Kalendis Iuniis MCCCCCVIII. This is a translation of a still rarer work: Vesputio Florentino intitulato, printed at Vicencia in 1507. This original does not contain the remarkable map which seems, at least for some years, to have constituted the prototype of modern maps of Africa. From the few inscriptions on the map, and from the name of the only European town (Lisbona) marked on it, it is evident that it is a composition of Portuguese origin.

A. E. Nordenskiold, Facsimile-Atlas to the
Early History of Cartography
, p. 67. 

SCN 1025

    This is one of the first printed maps. It was printed in Milan, Italy in 1508. It is known in two states. In the first state the Red Sea is called Sinus Persicus. In the second state it has been corrected to Sinus Arabicus. The map on the stamp from Bophuthatswana displays the first state.

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