Columbus' Ships in Wrong Ocean

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 Costa Rica 177-178

     The design shows ships flanking the map of Cocos Island in the Pacific Ocean. The ship on the right side also appears on United States 232 (1893) and 2625b (1992), and is identified as Columbus' flagship. Of course, Columbus never sailed in the Pacific Ocean.

SCN 177

SCN 178

     The same ship also appears on Newfoundland 68 where it is associated with John Cabot rather than with Columbus. Cabot did not sail in the Pacific either. So, either way the ship is an error. Unfortunately, I do not have the Newfoundland 68 (1897), another stamp showing the same ship.

     Another error is the way the flag on the middle mast is flying. It should be flying forward since the wind that fills the sails, and blows the flag, is coming from the rear of the ship.

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