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     To mark Red Crescent Day in 1971 Afghanistan issued a map of the country showing the provinces. Each province that had an active Red Crescent Society is marked with a small red crescent.
     The Wakhan Corridor, the long, thin extension to the east, was created in the 19th century by the British to act as a buffer against potential Russian ambitions in the area.. It is approximately 200 miles long and 10 to 50 miles wide. It appears to be too long and too narrow on the stamp.
     At the widest point Afghanistan which is 600 miles wide measures 15 cm, which would make 1 cm equal to 40 miles. On the stamp the Corridor is 6 cm long which would make the corridor 240 miles long, or 20% too long. At the widest point it measures 1 cm, which would make it 40 miles wide, or 25% too narrow.

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