The Comedy of Errors

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     “Guatemala issued an adhesive in 1946 with so many geographical mistakes that I have nicknamed it the “Comedy of Errors”. Europe is shown as a separate continent with a wide river between it and Asia. There is a large island (Cuba?) in the center of the Gulf of Mexico and a strange land mass in the South Pacific. It is fun to look for all the geographical errors in this stamp.”

G. Gilbert Kline, “Map Stamps’ Appeal Reaches Many Tastes and Interests,”

Linn’s Weekly Stamp News. (from a 1959? Issue).

“...both Africa and Europe are entirely separated from Asia, and Baja California is represented as being as wide as northern Mexico.”

William R. Horney, “Miniature Maps of the World,”

Weekly Philatelic Gossip 46:16(June 19, 1948)496.

Among other missing or distorted aspects, Australia is larger than North America, the Hudson Bay is missing, as are Iceland, Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland, Italy and Greece, Spain and Portugal, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka, Japan, New Zealand, Antarctica and Florida

     Finally, although the date on the stamp might suggest that it was issued in 1940, it was not released until 1946.

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