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Poland 3040

     The Polish stamp shows a portion of the Bismarck's path from northeast of Iceland to a point east of the southern coast of England. Among the allied ships involved in the chase was the Polish destroyer Piorun. The slogan at the bottom of the stamp reads, "Piorun operates against the Bismarck." The place where the Bismarck was sunk is marked with a black +. The date for the sinking of the Bismarck is given incorrectly as May 26 on the stamp. The souvenir sheet from Montserrat gives it correctly as May 27, 1941.

SCN 3040

Montserrat 735

On May 27, 1941 the German battleship Bismarck was sunk. The souvenir sheet from Montserrat shows the track of the ship as she tried to out-run and escape her pursuers. A red x marks the places where the the Hook and the Bismarck were sunk.

SCN 735

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