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New Zealand 230

     There are two errors on the map that reflect errors in the original map. At the southern tip of the South Island, Stewart Island is shown as a possible peninsula, while off the east coast of the South Island, Bank's Peninsula is represented as an island.
     What does not seem quite correct as a representation of Cook's map are the latitudes that are marked. On the map 40 and 46 are shown as lines, but on the stamp 45 is substituted for 46 and a third line is added for 35.
     New Zealand 434, issued in 1969, shows the same source errors concerning Stewart Island and Bank's Peninsula.
     What is not an error is the longitude labeled 190. While today we label longitudes both east and west from Greenwich to 180, that only began after the 1894 Washington Conference on the Prime Meridian.

SCN 230

New Zealand 434

SCN 434

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