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Italy 649-650


     Istria is an "arrow-point" shaped peninsula projecting into the Adriatic Sea between the gulfs of Trieste and Fiume. When Italy surrendered to the Allies in 1943, Yugoslavia absorbed Istria into Croatia. That event is commemorated by a stamp issued by Croatia in 1993.
     In 1954 Italy issued a stamp celebrating the beginning of regular national television service. The same stamps were overprinted "A.M.G.-F.T.T." by the Allied Military Government in Trieste. The Yugoslav government demanded the immediate withdrawal of those stamp claiming that "Zones A and B of Trieste and almost the whole [of] Istria appear to be a part of the Italian territory." The stamps, though without the overprint, are shown.

SCN 649            SCN 650

     Yugoslavia also protested the three stamps issued by Italy to mark the visit of President Gronchi of Italy to Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru in 1961. The high value of that set was withdrawn because the shape of Peru was incorrect. Yugoslavia protested the entire set because the map of Italy wrongly included Istria. These stamps can be seen by clicking here.

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