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Greenland 456

     Greenland issued this stamp in 2005 to commemorate the completion of the survey of Greenland by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland which began in 1965, and produced 14 geological maps. The map on the stamp is from a detail from the map of northeastern Greenland, sheet number 10. Colors are used to indicate geological features: gray for fjords, white for glaciers, and other colors for various types of rocks.
     The following features are named on the map: Polhem Dal (76° 34’60N 25°19’W), Nahr valsund, Kap Oswald, Kap Elisabeth, Kap Harry, Arloem, Solitærbuo, Maria (island), Penderpyra, Lomingbua, Bastronen, Eannet, and a couple I can not decipher.


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