Lituanica Flight ~ 1933

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     Lithuania issued a single stamp in 1934 to commemorate the non-stop flight by Seven Darius (Steponas Darašius (1896-1933) and Stasys Girénas (1894-1933) from Floyd Bennet Field in New York to Kaunas, Lithuania on July 15, 1933 in a Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker with elongated wings and extra fuel tanks. They crashed near the village of Kuhdamm, near Soldin, Germany, now Pszczelnik, Poland, 650 km short of their destination.

     SCN C80

    The maps on either side of the stamp show the origin of the flight in the United States on the left and the destination on the right with a line indicating the route they took. The words, ST. DARIUI IR ST. GIRÉNUI PAMINÉTI, are the names of the pilots in Lithuanian, and are probably intended as a commemoration. The two ships in the center of the picture are unidentified.

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