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     In 1918 the nation of Czechoslovakia was created out of territory which had formerly belonged to the Austrio-Hungarian empire. The provinces of Bohemia and Moravia were the center of industry and were the homeland of the Czechs. The history of the Czechs and the Slovaks as well as their society and culture differed substantially. There was a large German minority in the Sudetenland. This became the pretext for the dissolution of Czechoslovakia after the Munich Conference in 1938.
     Four stamps issued in 1939 during the German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia, declared the nationalist sentiment of the Czechs. By aligning the stamps properly, the outlines of the vignettes make up an outline map of the state of Czechoslovakia.

 SCN 27-30

     This is an example of what is known as a "ghost image," and while it is visible to one who is properly prepared, it is unclear that it was intentional.

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